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Титульная страница ТГТУ International Student Identity Card ISIC  

What is an ISIC Card?

The ISIC card is an international student card confirming worldwide the student status and at the same time it is a discount card.
The ISIC card offers more than 42,000 discounts in 130 countries and more than 3,000 discounts in Moscow and throughout Russia. It is very convenient and profitable to travel with the ISIC card, visiting museums, theatres, concerts, cinemas, restaurants, shops, sports centers, attending educational courses and much more.
To get the ISIC card, the student should submit:
-student ID
-photo 3x4
-600 rubles
To apply for the ISIC Card please contact International Relations Office TSTU
Address: Room 29, 106, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, 392000, Russia
Tel: +7( 4752) 63-01-12
E-mail: post@mcms1.tstu.ru
Read more about ISIC card on the official website http://isic.ru
All the discounts are here: http://isic.ru/discount/russia

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