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International Education Faculty

History of Faculty of International Education


Faculty of International Education began its history in 1992 when first international students came to Tambov State Technical University. In 1994 a faculty of foreign citizen training was established and the first dean (A.A.Gorelov) was appointed. In 1995 a new dean (Professor M.A.Promtov) was elected who is working until now.
Since then more than 2000 international students from 60 different countries studied at the university. Here is the list: such as Germany, Japan, Poland, USA, Finland, Macedonia, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Belarus, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Congo, Guinea, Zambia, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Namibia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Dominic, Swaziland, Tunisia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Uganda, Burundi, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Laos, Mauritania,
To develop Russian language teaching the Chair "Russian Language and Literature" was organized in 1994 and was headed by Professor I.M.Popova. In 2001 it changed its name to "Russian Philology". Now the teachers of the chair offer the post-graduate education in Russian language and Russian literature.
In 1998 the faculty was certified as a centre of testing Russian as a foreign language and was included in the state testing system with the right to issue a certificate about the level of Russian. The international education faculty was also included into the official list of universities carrying out pre-university training for international trainees.
The number of international students was constantly increasing and a new level of teaching was developed. The chair "General subjects" was organized in 1999 with the special purpose to prepare international students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, geography, engineering graphics, etc (heads of the chair accordingly - Professor Yu.Yu.Gromov, R.R.Tolstyakov). The teaching is conducted in a specific linguistic environment to prepare students for future study of complicated subjects on the same level with the Russian students. The teachers have developed multimedia methodological and teaching materials in general subjects which help them to improve teaching efficiency, to use audio and visual means for better perception, to control the learning results.
In 2001 the new training programme was licensed in direction "Philology (Russian as a Foreign Language)". Now it is offered not only to international but to Russian students as well.

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