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Master's Program Financial Management

38.04.02 Management

Master's Program Financial Management is aimed at training managers in the strategy and tactics of financial management of an organization.

Program duration is 2 years

    On completion of the program, students will be able to:
  • analyze financial reports and make reasonable investment, credit, and financial decisions;
  • evaluate investment projects under different financial conditions;
  • use financial management techniques for company assets valuation;
  • use methodology of financial planning and forecasting;
  • make securities and derivatives transactions;
  • analyze company performance and work out sound management decisions.
The curriculum includes the following core subjects: Modern Management Technologies; Financial and Economic Analysis; Corporate Finances; Organization and Investment Financing; Forecasting and Planning in Market Conditions; Securities Market; Financial Controlling.
    Employment opportunities:
  • Commercial banks, insurance companies and other financial and credit institutions;
  • Investment and pension funds, leasing and trust companies;
  • Accounting firms, consulting and clearing organizations;
  • Units of the Ministry of Finance, the State Tax Service, the Federal Treasury, control and audit authorities;
  • Currency and stock exchanges, brokerage companies.

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