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International Education Faculty

Before you start any Russian-taught degree program you must complete the Russian language pre-university program. This program lasts for 10 months and usually starts in September-November.

    To receive an official invitation to study at TSTU, an applicant should submit the following documents (to e-mail address tstu04@yahoo.com):
  • scanned copy of international passport;
  • scanned copy of education certificate;
  • completed application form;
  • scanned copy of medical certificate, including chest X-ray results, HIV-test results.
As soon as we receive all your documents we will review them and if everything is according to our requirements we will submit your documents to get the official invitation for studying (usually it takes 1 month for Migration Department to issue the invitation). According to the received invitation you will be able to get the visa for studying in our University.
    As for the payments we have the following procedure (the prices are stated for the current academic year): 1.
  1. you should transfer the following payments to the University official bank account (you should transfer those payments before we send to you the original invitation):
    - Accommodation Fee - approximately 350 USD for 1 year stay in a shared room.
    - Tuition Fee (for 1 year) - about 1600 USD for Pre-University Russian Language program. 2.
  2. you should pay the following payments upon your arrival to Tambov:
    - Medical Insurance fee - about 100 USD per 1 year
    - Multiple visa fee - about 30 USD.
Dear applicants!

Tambov State Technical University informs you that TSTU's foreign students' admission office doesn't take any fees for issuing the official invitations for studying or any official letters.

Tambov State Technical University accepts only tuition and hostel fees. Tuition and hostel fees can be paid to the official bank account of the university or to the cashier office of the university. All fees are to be made according to the signed contract between an applicant and the university.

All full-time students must have medical insurance that meets University criteria. The University assists students with obtaining an appropriate medical insurance upon their arrival to Tambov.

Please, apply to the foreign students' admission office with any questions: E-mail: tstu04@yahoo.com

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